Mission Statement

The Pallotti Seeker strives to inform and entertain the community, provoke conversations and debates, and provide a snapshot of student and community life. Our goal is to bring an accurate, unbiased snapshot of what’s happening around the Pallotti community in a timely manner.

Editorial Policy

The Pallotti Seeker is an open forum for student and faculty expression at Westfield High School. It is established to disseminate news, sporting events, and opinions on matters of interest, importance, and concern to the community.

The Pallotti Seeker will publish no material that is libelous, obscene, or has a clear potential for disruption of the school routine, as has generally been determined by law.

The Pallotti Seeker staff makes every effort to avoid conflicts of interest, to be fair and balanced in reporting, and to reflect the diverse population.

The Pallotti Seeker solicits letters to the editor from both the students and faculty. Letters must be signed, no anonymity. The Pallotti Seeker reserves the right to edit such letters for grammar, usage, clarity, punctuation, and length.

The Pallotti Seeker reserves the right to refuse advertising for reasons of appropriateness, as determined by the editorial board.
The content of the Pallotti Seeker is determined by the editorial board. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the faculty adviser or administration of St. Vincent Pallotti High School.