The Shadow Wrangler

She’s the pint-sized piston that you see at most every event, her radiant smile flashed at everyone. Most students have interacted with her at one time or another as she directs the shadow program as part of the school’s recruitment process. Virginia Rinker, Admissions and enrollment manager, is head of the shadow program, helping to determine who will best represent SVPHS to all the potential incoming freshman. As a result, she controls the ambassador dress code as well as for the visiting shadows. Mrs. Rinker said, “This job can be stressful because kids fill out interest forms, and their academics … Continue reading The Shadow Wrangler

Dominick Lane

Dominick is a junior and this will be his third year at Pallotti. He told me that all of his friends call him “Dom” and he has grown to like it. I asked about how his junior year was going and he said, “It’s going pretty good. I still hate all the homework, but I can handle it.” I asked him if he has started thinking about college and he replied, “I have started thinking about it but I don’t know where I want to go or what side of the country I want to be on.” Continue reading Dominick Lane

Evan Hawkins

Evan Hawkins is a freshman at Pallotti and seems to be getting comfortable with the school already. “I was a little nervous at first but I made a lot of friends the first week so I’m doing pretty good.” He said he was going to play basketball and said, “I’m looking forward to playing on a high school team. I went to a workout and it was a little difficult but I know it will make me better. I just gotta do my best in tryouts and do what i know i can do to show my skill.” He also … Continue reading Evan Hawkins

Osei Dixon

“How is the school year going for you so far?” “Stressful because football practice has been ending late and taking up a lot of time.” ”Is there anything you’re looking forward to this year?” “The game against Riverdale. I see them as a rivalry and hopefully we can play at Fairland.” “Since you are a junior, have you been looking into any schools?” “I went to a lot of camps over the summer.”” “Are you ready for your upcoming senior year?”“Not really. I still have to take my SAT’s. Continue reading Osei Dixon

Gibert Otoo

Gilbert Otoo is now a senior of the Pallotti 2019 Class. Otoo is a well-known student at Pallotti due to his academic achievements and his leveraged talents in the sport of basketball. Otoo has always achieved academically, usually found repeatedly being honored at the awards ceremonies. Hs determination in his academics also motivates his peers around him. But the start of his senior year found him very upset that summer ended. “Summer ended so quickly I can’t believe it! I didn’t even get the chance to do everything I wanted to do this summer,” Otoo said. On the court, he … Continue reading Gibert Otoo

Kiersten Stewart

Sophomore Sports include: lacrosse, cheer Previous School: Walker Mill Middle School   Are the teachers giving a lot of homework? “A lot is a relative term.” How do you feel about Pallotti? “I like Pallotti a lot because it’s interactive and fun and I get to make new friends.” What is your opinion on lunch? “I like the lunch the food is good except my potato wedges weren’t as great today as I would like them to be.” Any thoughts on the students of Pallotti? “Some of the students here at Pallotti are nice some aren’t.” How is Pallotti different … Continue reading Kiersten Stewart

Isaiah Lattimore

Isaiah Lattimore is a senior and is going into his second year of Pallotti. he previously attended DeMatha Catholic High School. He says he enjoys it here and has made many friends.  Lattimore was on the varsity basketball last year and when asked about what he’s looking forward to this year he said, “I’m ready for the season to start and get this championship.” He also enjoys writing poetry in his spare time. Continue reading Isaiah Lattimore