Kennede Ruffin

Freshman Sports include: lacrosse , cheer Previous School: Dora Kennedy French Immersion Middle School Are the teachers giving a lot of homework? “A lot is a relative term” How do you feel about Pallotti? “Its great…I love it here…I have soo many friends” What is your opinion on lunch? “Lunch is okay” Any thoughts on the students of Pallotti? “Some of them are nice some of them aren’t” How is Pallotti different compared to your previous school? “Pallotti makes more time for students to see their teacher…teachers are more open to students.” Continue reading Kennede Ruffin

Stalin Oaks

Stalin Oaks is a sophomore at Pallotti and seems to already be familiar with how things go at the school. He is an academically sound student, shown from his achievement as the valedictorian of his eighth grade class. When asked about his freshman year he said, “It wasn’t as hard as people made it out to be.” He is also a member of the Pallotti basketball team and is looking forward to the big games this year. He also is a big Boston Celtics fan and says, “They are going to the NBA finals this year.” Continue reading Stalin Oaks

Allison Williams

“How is your year going so far?” -”I am enjoying the school year very well thank you” “Are you enjoying spirit week?” -”Yes. I think this is a particularly spirited year and I am extremely pleased with the number of students participating by wearing costumes for the days as well as the work that went into the hallway decorations. They look spectacular ” “Are your classes harder this year or are they the same?” -”My classes are about the same” “Do you have a favorite class or subject?” -”Chemistry. I love chemistry. It’s my favorite. I’m such a nerd” ”Are … Continue reading Allison Williams

Michael Blasko

Michaell (Mike/Miky) Blasko, ’19 is a senior. He doesn’t play any sports. He loves Pallotti. “I love the family here and am blessed to be here.” He has gone here for four years. He likes the compactness of Pallotti. “I like the compactness of this school and how  you get to know everyone.” He also likes how the school became a second family for him. “I especially like spirit week and showing school spirit.” He has a ton of school spirit for his school.  “I’m not looking forward to leaving this school next year.”  His older sister, Colleen, is a senior this … Continue reading Michael Blasko

Gabrielle Frederick ’22

How is your freshman year going so far? ”It’s going good so far. It’s going well and i’m making plans” Anything you’re looking forward to this year? ”The dances” Are you going to homecoming? ”Yea.” How are you liking spirit week? ”It’s been fun so far.” Any sports you’re looking forward to? ”I’m running track but that’s pretty much it.” Would you be open to other sports next year like volleyball or basketball maybe? ”I might try next year but my main focus is on track right now” Do you like all of your classes? “Yeah, my classes are cool … Continue reading Gabrielle Frederick ’22