Sophomores Ruled 2nd Class Competition

Emotions ran high last Friday as the second quarter Class Competition brought out their fierce spirit. When the dust settled, the sophomores emerged the winner, scoring 38 points.

Weather forced the competition indoors and the gym was rocking as the classes filed in, taking their seats, and rocking out to Beyoncé music provided by emcee Tylen Thomas ‘19. With SGA moderator Allison Williams unavailable, Katie Grenchik set up the 10-man relay race.

The sophomores won the competition which involved passing a giant ball, by foot, from person to person, scampering down the court to maintain the chain until they reached the boundary line. Then two students reversed course with legs in a sack and hopped, skipped, and jumped. Finally, the last two contestants had to form a human wheelbarrow to reach the finish line.

The second event was a combination obstacle course and rock-paper-scissors.  From opposite ends of the gym, a representative from competing classes had to jump over the low barriers and when they encountered one another hand to stop and play the hand game. A winner advanced while the loser ran to the end of the fiver-person line and the next competitor took to the course. The first player to reach the opposite side. While the seniors handled the freshmen, the juniors smoked the sophomores in record time. In the final match-up, the seniors won. 

The final event was musical chairs. Five students from all grade levels paraded around chairs, hustling to find a seat when the music stopped. As the chairs were reduced in number, tempers grew hot. Trinity Thomas ’20 vehemently argued her expulsion, refusing to leave until referee Tim Martin called for a do-over. She wound up being eliminated two rounds later. The final chair was left to sophomore Colby Cureton and junior Emani Alford.

In the end, the sophomore proved victorious, sealing an overall win for his class. “I was really nervous when it came down to me and Emani,” said Colby ’20.

As Beyonce played over the speakers, the rivalry gave way to camaraderie as phone flashlights lit the gym, the lights dimmed, and everyone sang along as one school. 

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