Stress: The Definition of High School

By Olivia Charles

Courtesy of The Trumpet, West Liberty University.

There’s one word high school students all have in common: stress. With midterms coming up, college applications for seniors wrapping up, and PSATs/SATs looming around the corner for sophomores and juniors, the student body is, as the saying goes, “stressed out”.

As the school year progresses, there are some all-stars who cope with this stress and display their successes proudly. How could they juggle extracurriculars, academics, and still have a social life? Social life is enough already. The following students are real people who declined to be named but you may be able to guess their identities. Try not to be too shocked….

They were asked to answer three major questions: 1) how do you feel at the end of each day, 2) describe your average day, and, 3) what advice do you have for your fellow peers? Their answers were outstanding.

Courtesy, University of Wyoming.

Student A maintains a 4.4 GPA and is currently an international student. She has dance rehearsal every Monday and Tuesday immediately after school and track practice every day. She also tackles two AP classes. But she also keeps in contact with her parents, video chatting them three times a week. She feels “exhausted” at the end of the day. Having that schedule, you wonder how she even has time to breathe, let alone do homework. How does she do it: “Make a plan for your daily life and learn how to manage your time…” 

Student B is also “super tired”. She says she“suffers from this terrible, terrible condition where if I have boatloads of stuff to do, I don’t do it until the last possible moments…”  She continued, “But I can’t be mad at myself for it; because I do it to myself.” I can raise my hand at that one. She has swimming three days a week and lives a pretty far away (an hour at most). She takes three AP classes, one being one of the hardest AP’s out there: Chemistry. Her advice is true: “Nobody at the [end] of the day will remember that embarrassing thing you did last week, they move on with their lives because, honestly, people are too concerned with themselves. Only worry about the opinion of those who actually care about you.”

Lastly, Student C. “Tired”. There seems to be a common trend of “lack of sleep” here. She also maintains that insane 4.0 GPA, and keeping up with being a triathlete: soccer, swimming, and softball. She also copes with being in the band and performing in concerts. Can you imagine switching from sports to the arts in a matter of time? “My advice is don’t stress yourself out; try and get as much done or ask for help, because it’s important to not shy away from your teachers and struggle in a subject,” she said. Teachers don’t like to see us struggle, they “teach us” so that we don’t.

Stress is as common as homework and students each need to find a way to cope since the pressure will not be going away anytime soon.