Edwards Concerned about Vaping

On November 14 an email was sent from the Dean of Students, Catherine Edwards, to students and parents, informing all about vaping and e-cigarettes. Mrs. Edwards explained the matter had become a school priority to stop any and all vaping by the students.  

These devices are easy to buy online and in stores, marketing aggressively to today’s youth with desirable flavorings. It is extremely harmful and addictive for students. The liquid contains THC which is an ingredient commonly found in marijuana.

Mrs. Edwards discussed the issue with the Pallotti Seeker.

Pallotti Seeker: So you sent an email out to students and parents about vaping. Was vaping found on school grounds?

 C. Edwards: Not exactly, the information was something that came across my desk that I thought was valuable to share with the Pallotti community, as vaping and e-cigarettes are a newer trend and very unhealthy to teens and people in general. So I thought it was an important message to help educate our school community so we can all work together to help keep our students safe and healthy as possible.

Pallotti Seeker: Have there been any accusations about students’ vaping on school grounds?
C. Edwards: There have not been any accusations as of yet; but, I can say in response to my email I have already received a call and email from a parent saying that they have been informed about it happening in school.

Pallotti Seeker: So I found on school property, what exactly would be the consequence?

C. Edwards: The consequences would be the same as if we found alcohol. We would follow what has already been outlined in the no tolerance section of the Student Handbook. Obviously, parents would be informed. Help will be sought in cases of addictions and such. We don’t want it in the school. It’s not healthy or positive. So my email so ensure that the more adults that are aware and educated about the topic the more we can monitor our students.