Palumbo Cracks Down on Behavior

All four classes met individualy with Principal Jeff Palumbo regarding reinfocring the existing school rules. On Tuesday, Palumbo and Dean of Students Catherine Edwards met with the junior class.

Palumbo covered the recent uptick in misbehavior which has been witnessed by parents, teachers, other students, and visitors. Given the volume of comments received, Palumbo felt the time had come to address it class by class.

With admissions being down over the last few years, he felt it was a result of poor hallway behavior, language, improper phone usage, and uniform infractions. “I know when two boys are arguing in the hallway about something they will not fight they will most likely give each other a big hug and get moving to class,” Palumbo said.

However, he pointed out that when visitors come to Pallotti and see this, they don’t think of it this way they think of it as horseplaying.

Students have recently been taking advantage of not wearing the correct uniform and now administrators want to ensure everyone follows the rules. Pallotti means business, he strressed; it was something the juniors had to take seriously.

Palumbo and Edwards reminded students about when and where they may use cellphones and ear buds, where they may eat and drink, watch their language, and be in uniform.

As rising Seniors in just two months, Palumbo called on the juniors to set the tone for the underclassmen.