Students select SGA Leaders

As the SGA transitions to new administration, students voted for new SGA and class officers for the 2019-20 school year. After vigorous campaigning, from posters to Italian ices, Anthony Blunt ’20 emerged as SGA president. Dean of Students Catherine Edwards, Director of Admissions Stacy Springer, and Assistant Director Virginia Rinker have taken over running school government. Rinker said, “I like these new group of students, they’re good students and I have a feeling they’ll do well in office.” In addition to the new officers, Edwards is making changes to the class moderator structure, with one remaining with each class, on … Continue reading Students select SGA Leaders

Kiersten Stewart

Sophomore Sports include: lacrosse, cheer Previous School: Walker Mill Middle School   Are the teachers giving a lot of homework? “A lot is a relative term.” How do you feel about Pallotti? “I like Pallotti a lot because it’s interactive and fun and I get to make new friends.” What is your opinion on lunch? “I like the lunch the food is good except my potato wedges weren’t as great today as I would like them to be.” Any thoughts on the students of Pallotti? “Some of the students here at Pallotti are nice some aren’t.” How is Pallotti different … Continue reading Kiersten Stewart