Pallotti’s Film Club

Film Club…To Be Or Not To Be?

This classic coming of age film, a touchstone for many, will screen November 28.

The Film Club was created for students who have an interest in the evolution of cinema and what we have come to call classics. It helps students develop an appreciation for the history of film and sagas of the human experience.

The club tries to meet every Thursday, where a different movie is shown in room 224. Robert Greenberger and Marshall Lancaster are the club’s moderators. The club is made up of mostly seniors but is open to all others who are interested.  The movie starts as early as 2:45 so it doesn’t go into 4:30-5:00 or late afternoons.

Students who would like to join should check in with Mr. Greenberger and/or Mr. Lancaster throughout the year if they would like to join. Membership is always open to new students.

They began with a chronological approach to cinema history, beginning with a silent film starring comedy legend Harold Lloyd. Then they introduced a new generation to the anarchic antics of The Marx Brothers in their political satire Duck Soup. In time for Halloween, they screened the 1931 Frankenstein. The next two offerings were student choice with the first being the parody Young Frankenstein, followed by the teen drama Stand by Me, based on the Stephen King short story.

Kennedy Essex ’19, a film club regular said, “My favorite part about Film Club would probably be being able to bond with my friends and discuss the movie with Mr. Lancaster because we always have great discussion of the movie. The movies are versatile through the centuries and you can learn but still have fun.” She encourages students to join because since they watch so many different movies, one is bound to find a genre that they are interested in.