The Glass Menagerie Comes to Pallotti

For a few years, Pallotti has had a number of successful plays that they have put on. This year they have decided to switch it up. The director of play, Chris Dwyer said that “this year we are having two full casts instead of one.”

Dwyer selected Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, his 1945 play which made the Southern playwright a star. The drama explores a family dynamic between an overbearing mother, her son who yearns to be go out on his own, and her painfully shy daughter who can’t engage with the world.

One of the actors Ivy Brooks ’21 explained a little more about the play. She said, “They changed the genre to expand our theatrical horizons.  Some roles in the play have a double casting so that the audience can experience two different versions of the Wingfields.” She also said, “I’m very excited to see the number of people that come to watch and I know that it will be a great show because I believe in all of my castmates.” 

Brooks and Katy Robinson ’21 shared the role of Laura Wingfield, the talkative, pushy mother. 

Senior Leila Nolen, who split the part of Amanda with Sarah Mocko ’20, also felt good about the play saying, “I’m excited to play the role of the little sister, the beginning of the play is going to be interesting because there is a lot of tension between my brother and mom over gentlemen collars and me not going to my classes.”

Elijah Oshinnaiye ’20 and Justin Timus ’21 anchored the twin casts by playing the parts of Tom Wingfield and prospective suitor Jim O’Connor respectively. Serlena Flowers ’19 played the viola to set the scenes and acknowledge transitions.

Sarah Johnson ’19, who stagemanaged the show, seemed very excited too, she said that she hasn’t been able to see the play all together and complete so this would be her first time but from last year she knows it’ll be good. She was aided by Nicole Panebianco ’19, who handled the front of house design and the sound and light board.

Performances are Friday evening at 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m., and Saturday night at 7 p.m.