Once Upon an Island

Encore! Encore! is what the crowd was yelling at the end of Once on this Island. The annual school musical had four performances with rotating casts the weekend of April 5-7. Many parents and family stood up giving a round of applause for “the terrific performance put on by the students of Pallotti” according to Arts Academy director Mr. Saunders Allen. “Although the parents and other members of the audience weren’t able to record and take pictures, I felt as if the audience enjoyed the play and that it ran smoothly. There is always room for improvement, but it was … Continue reading Once Upon an Island

Can’t Wait for Break

As the days pass on, you can only wonder what people in the school are planning for next week’s spring break. It’s all people can talk about in the hallway and cafeteria. “What’s the move for break?” is the common question you’ll hear. Many seniors are wanting to travel for break. Cynthia Roberts ’19 is trying to take a trip to New York. It seems that traveling is a common thing that people throughout the school are wanting to do. A lot of teachers had the same idea too, the ones with kids said they were going to spend time … Continue reading Can’t Wait for Break

Sikh Enlightenment

Rubin Singh, a consultant for the non-profit The Sikh Coalition group spoke to Mr. Bill Bayly’s World Religion about Sikhism on Monday. Prior to the talk Social Strudies teacher Bill Bayly said, ” I am very excited for you guys to meet Rubin, he has a lot to teach you guys.” “As a Sikh, I have a uniform I wear every day. There are five things I must wear and we call them the five K’s: they are a Kirpan [a sword representing dignity], Kara [iron bracelet representing prana (life force) and Infinity], Kachera [cotton undershorts, a symbol of chastity … Continue reading Sikh Enlightenment

Dominick Lane

Dominick is a junior and this will be his third year at Pallotti. He told me that all of his friends call him “Dom” and he has grown to like it. I asked about how his junior year was going and he said, “It’s going pretty good. I still hate all the homework, but I can handle it.” I asked him if he has started thinking about college and he replied, “I have started thinking about it but I don’t know where I want to go or what side of the country I want to be on.” Continue reading Dominick Lane

Evan Hawkins

Evan Hawkins is a freshman at Pallotti and seems to be getting comfortable with the school already. “I was a little nervous at first but I made a lot of friends the first week so I’m doing pretty good.” He said he was going to play basketball and said, “I’m looking forward to playing on a high school team. I went to a workout and it was a little difficult but I know it will make me better. I just gotta do my best in tryouts and do what i know i can do to show my skill.” He also … Continue reading Evan Hawkins

Isaiah Lattimore

Isaiah Lattimore is a senior and is going into his second year of Pallotti. he previously attended DeMatha Catholic High School. He says he enjoys it here and has made many friends.  Lattimore was on the varsity basketball last year and when asked about what he’s looking forward to this year he said, “I’m ready for the season to start and get this championship.” He also enjoys writing poetry in his spare time. Continue reading Isaiah Lattimore

Stalin Oaks

Stalin Oaks is a sophomore at Pallotti and seems to already be familiar with how things go at the school. He is an academically sound student, shown from his achievement as the valedictorian of his eighth grade class. When asked about his freshman year he said, “It wasn’t as hard as people made it out to be.” He is also a member of the Pallotti basketball team and is looking forward to the big games this year. He also is a big Boston Celtics fan and says, “They are going to the NBA finals this year.” Continue reading Stalin Oaks

Panthers regroup for the Dragons

This past week the Pallotti panthers wrestling team faced off against st. Mary’s Ryken. i sat down with one of the senior wrestlers Tyler Rhodes to talk to him about how the season is going. He said “I’m not really happy with how we are starting off but i trust my team and I know that we will turn it around, JUST WAIT ON IT!” As they prepare for their next match against Glenelg Country school, I asked if the coach talked about any new strategies they would take? “Their really isn’t anything to change we just gotta pay attention … Continue reading Panthers regroup for the Dragons