Can’t Wait for Break

Amy Belinky, like so many Pallotti people will be on the road for Spring Break.

As the days pass on, you can only wonder what people in the school are planning for next week’s spring break. It’s all people can talk about in the hallway and cafeteria. “What’s the move for break?” is the common question you’ll hear.

Many seniors are wanting to travel for break. Cynthia Roberts ’19 is trying to take a trip to New York. It seems that traveling is a common thing that people throughout the school are wanting to do. A lot of teachers had the same idea too, the ones with kids said they were going to spend time with their families.

Wilford Kent ’21 and Francis Otoo’21 both play for AAU teams and they said they have workouts and practices for the teams. “we might go to the mall or something but mainly basketball.”

Amy Belinky said she is going to take a trip to North Carolina to visit her friend’s dad, while Social Studies teachers Bill Bayly and Steve Shurman plan on spending time with each other families. Mr. Shurman also plans of coaching club soccer, while Mr. Bayly works on his garden and renovates his house.