Bracket Frenzy

As you all may know it is that time in March where everyone can only talk about one thing, March Madness. Around this time those hidden College Basketball fans come out and show their team support by creating a March Madness Bracket, some would say in this school it is a big deal. Since games start being played on Thursday everyone is rushing to fill out their “Perfect Bracket” and having debates on who is going to win it all. Many of the students have created “bracket pools” so that they can see who gets the closest out of their friend group.

Even the teachers like to get in on the fun. Mr. Marshall Lancaster says his blood runs deep with Carolina blue and he knows that the Tar Heels of North Carolina are going to be the ones cutting down the net when its all over.

Mr. Bill Bayly says that he is confident that The University of Maryland is going to win, he said he loves Maryland that he has faith in them because they are just that good.

One thing is certain: teaching is hard enough and will be even harder as students focus less on their classwork and more on their brackets.