Sikh Enlightenment

Rubin Singh, a consultant for the non-profit The Sikh Coalition group spoke to Mr. Bill Bayly’s World Religion about Sikhism on Monday. Prior to the talk Social Strudies teacher Bill Bayly said, ” I am very excited for you guys to meet Rubin, he has a lot to teach you guys.”

“As a Sikh, I have a uniform I wear every day. There are five things I must wear and we call them the five K’s: they are a Kirpan [a sword representing dignity], Kara [iron bracelet representing prana (life force) and Infinity], Kachera [cotton undershorts, a symbol of chastity and purity], Kesh [uncut hair], Kanga [wooden comb worn in the hair],” Singh told the packed AV room.

Additionally, they must also wear turbans.

A lot of the students were intrigued by Singh’s speech because following the talk there were many questions. The students asked about what his main beliefs were and he told them that Sikhs believe in many things but the top three things that they focus on are their belief in one God, through God all people are equal, and they believe in earning an honest living because they are no better than anyone else.

He proceeded to explain the many hardships he has experienced, with most people confusing him with Muslims and treating him as an enemy. Singh spoke of going through airports and walking around the street, especially after 9/11, with people giving him had a hard time. Being accepted in the community has been a challenge, especially in the last few years given the rising racial intolerance. Singh and Bayly are friends and he accepted the invitation to come speak with the classes about how much good Sikhs can do in the world and that they aren’t terrorists.