PAWS Bucks off to a Solid Start

It has been four weeks since the announcement of the PAWS bucks program. Initiated by Dean of Students Catherine Edwards, it is designed to reward positive behavior at SVPHS.

Since the announcement of the program, there have already been two drawings. Donovan Thomas ’21 won a $10 dollar gift card from Starbucks in the inaugural drawing. Other rewarded students received donuts. A Starbucks gift card was won by Sydney Stanley ’21 in the second week. No reward was given last week given the holiday and weather-related delays.

Edwards feels that although the program is new, she thinks that it is creating an incentive towards good behavior. She also is looking forward to the 2019-20 school year where she has plans to introduce more programs to promote good behavior. She has big plans for the school in terms of behavior.

The most significant change she has divulged was the elimination of In School Suspension (ISS) program. Instead of students being assigned ISS, they will be given a Saturday detention. This entails arriving in uniform at 8 a.m. for two hours in addition to paying $15 for the proctor.

PAWS stands for Prompt, Accept Responsibility, Wise Choices, and Stand up and Lead. The blue tickets can be earned by students from faculty and staff for doing good deeds, good behavior, and/or be helpful.