An End to an Era

After three longs year at St. Vincent Pallotti high school (SVPH) I couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to this chapter of my life. Pallotti was truly an era in my life. With so many ups and downs coming to Pallotti was a lot of work. Not being able to start at this school in 9th grade year was my first mistake. Coming to this school my tenth grade year it was pretty hard trying to fit in. I was the new girl in my grade and I was pretty shy. My first year here at Pallotti took some adjustment. … Continue reading An End to an Era

Seniors asked to Step up as Role Models

Principal Jeffrey Palumbo met with all four classes this week, emphasizing the need to modify the culture of SVPHS. At Tuesday’s senior class meeting, Palumbo brought up the five essentials — no food and drink, no cellphones, no swearing, and proper uniform,, the upcoming classes and graduation. His goal was not to ruin the final two months of senior year. That said, he proclaimed hallway behavior needs to change. The senior class needs to set an example for the other three classes. Palumbo also brought up student behavior in front of the visiting shadows. He said that there have been … Continue reading Seniors asked to Step up as Role Models

PAWS Bucks off to a Solid Start

It has been four weeks since the announcement of the PAWS bucks program. Initiated by Dean of Students Catherine Edwards, it is designed to reward positive behavior at SVPHS. Since the announcement of the program, there have already been two drawings. Donovan Thomas ’21 won a $10 dollar gift card from Starbucks in the inaugural drawing. Other rewarded students received donuts. A Starbucks gift card was won by Sydney Stanley ’21 in the second week. No reward was given last week given the holiday and weather-related delays. Edwards feels that although the program is new, she thinks that it is … Continue reading PAWS Bucks off to a Solid Start

Cracking Down on the Law

Recently at Pallotti High School there have been a rise in the detention rate. A lot of students have been getting penalized for the rules that they’ve been breaking, such as uniform violations, cursing in the hallways, the use of technology, and not showing up for the dentenions that are being served to students. Mrs. Catherine Edwards, dean of students, has had enough with focusing only on the rule breakers. This week she has introduced an incentive designed to reward the positive behaviors that go unrecognized. Blue Paws are a new way to reward the students who are doing right. … Continue reading Cracking Down on the Law

Osei Dixon

“How is the school year going for you so far?” “Stressful because football practice has been ending late and taking up a lot of time.” ”Is there anything you’re looking forward to this year?” “The game against Riverdale. I see them as a rivalry and hopefully we can play at Fairland.” “Since you are a junior, have you been looking into any schools?” “I went to a lot of camps over the summer.”” “Are you ready for your upcoming senior year?”“Not really. I still have to take my SAT’s. Continue reading Osei Dixon