Cracking Down on the Law

Recently at Pallotti High School there have been a rise in the detention rate. A lot of students have been getting penalized for the rules that they’ve been breaking, such as uniform violations, cursing in the hallways, the use of technology, and not showing up for the dentenions that are being served to students.

Mrs. Catherine Edwards, dean of students, has had enough with focusing only on the rule breakers.

This week she has introduced an incentive designed to reward the positive behaviors that go unrecognized. Blue Paws are a new way to reward the students who are doing right. “There is too much attention being paid towards the students who have been doing wrong,” Mrs. Edwards said.

The recognition tickets, also known as blue paws, are for faculty and staff to identify students who show great behavior. The way the tickets work is if a student is rewarded with a blue paw, they put it in a box located in Mrs. Edwards’ office, with a winner picked at week’s end. The weekly winner might be rewarded with items such as a tag day, free lunch, candy, etc.

Teachers and students alike are ready to see what this new system has in store for the rest of the year.