An End to an Era

After three longs year at St. Vincent Pallotti high school (SVPH) I couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to this chapter of my life. Pallotti was truly an era in my life. With so many ups and downs coming to Pallotti was a lot of work. Not being able to start at this school in 9th grade year was my first mistake. Coming to this school my tenth grade year it was pretty hard trying to fit in. I was the new girl in my grade and I was pretty shy. My first year here at Pallotti took some adjustment. Having to try and make friends while still keeping up with my ademics which were much different than what I was previously used to seemed like the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Tenth grade year was a year were i had to completely reconstruct who I was as a person. I no longer had the comfort of going to school with my brother. Now I was all on my own. I only had one friend my tenth grade year and I didn’t talk at all. No one really noticed me and that’s the way I liked it most. I had made up my mind about my fellow classmates and decided that I wanted no part in them. Even when my mother made me join the poms dancing team. This was my first step in some spotlight and people had started to notice me. Still I was stuck in my ways of being a noone and remaining on the down low. My grades were the only thing I was worried about. I finished my sophomore year with little to no friends and fairly good grades.

Coming back to school my junior year was a lot for me. Having to wrap up my summer and come back to the place i hated most was a big deal for me. Luckily, my best friend had decided to transfer to Pallotti. Finally things were looking up for me. I had my bestfriend and I was ready to be a better me. The year started off pretty rock  I was so excited my best friend would be attending Pallotti I was a little less focused on my work. Towards the middle of the year I had caught interest of someone. After that my Junior year was a lot better. I had started to talk to more people and let loose a little bit more. The pinning ceremony was also a big deal in my growth at Pallotti. I had showed up and showed out and alot of people noticed me. The day of the pinning ceremony i received so many compliments and it made me feel so good about myself. I was finally becoming more comfortable with being myself at school and stopped caring what others thought of me.

My senior year of high school has absolute been my best year. Even though it has had a lot of personal down it has also had a lot of gains. Coming into my senior year I made an agreement with myself that I would be myself no matter what and I will finish the year strong. Having this agreement in mind I had started being more myself and people started to notice me. I enjoyed my teachers and classes and just made my senior year fun. I had made friends that I hope that’ll be in my life for a while. I even learned some truths about people i used to call my friends.

With all that Pallotti had taught me I think that I’m ready to take on whatever is next. Going from being a shy tenth grader to a senior who is just herself has been such an accomplish. I’m so grateful for what Pallotti had given and I couldn’t imagine how I would be without all the obstacles that I’ve had to deal with. I can truly say that graduating Pallotti will be an end to an era.