Senioritis – A Real Disease

With the end of the school year slowly approaching seniors everywhere are suffering from a serious case of senioritis. This unique condition is defined as a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. Even though it is commonly defined as only being felt towards the end of a high schooler’s senior year, many students have felt the effects of senioritis before even entering their senior year.

There are two types of senioritis. The first makes you feel as though it is impossible to get any work done. After completing nearly four years of high school, seniors are just ready to leave behind the childish antics of school.

The other form of senioritis is feeling as though the school year will never come to an end. There is a rush at the beginning of the year as classes get underway and there is a need to complete college applications and/or job applications. The paperwork and homework feels endless, each with their own deadline.  Seniors feel as though the clock starts to slow down and May graduation will never arrive.

When talking to the seniors at SVPHS about how being a senior makes them feel, many seniors say “that it makes them feel as though they don’t want to do work”. A few dramatic seniors said that ‘senioritis makes them feel as though being at school feels like someone is stomping on their souls.’ when speaking with the senior class president on the topic of senioritis she said, “Personally I think that senioritis started early than others and that the college process heightened the feeling of wanting to complete the year.”

When asked about the effects that it has on her classmates she says that she feels as though it’s contagious. Dean of Students Catherine Edwards said, “There is an absolute case of severe senioritis at SVPH. the seniors have a lack of motivation to do their work.” She also feels that the younger students do sometimes model the seniors’ behavior.

The feeling of senioritis is so real it makes the wait for graduating impossible. After 12 long years of school the all the work done in senior year feels like its all for nothing. After being accepted into the school of the chose high school feels like it should be over and the preparation for your dorm should start. Senioritis isn’t just about not feeling the need to do work in school, it’s also about being so ready to leave behind the past and dive head first into the future.