Marianna Leach Comes to Pallotti Dec. 18

Marriana Leach, writer and speaker for The Culture Project, will address the Pallotti student body on Tuesday, December 18.

According to their website, “Having tried our culture and found it wanting, young men and women are beginning to stand against the throw-away culture that views the human person as dispensable. Today, young people are rising to uphold the dignity and potential of every human person, especially in regard to our sexuality. This is the mission of The Culture Project.”

“Our guest speakers are here to give the students an opportunity to hear perspectives outside of school. It gives them a chance to think about things differently,” said Director of Campus Ministry Jessica Haning.

Leach’s topic has not been announced.

Leach is a member of the project’s team, traveling to schools and churches, talking on varying topics such as “Authentic vs. Counterfeit Love in Dating Relationships: How Far is Too Far”.

Last year’s guest speaker, Jason Evert of the Chastity Project, came to Pallotti to give students a chastity talk that students who attended said was the most influential. Evert presented students with real-life stories about his life and how he travels to different schools and students come up to him about different social problems they have had about sex. 


Concluding his presentation Evert gave away books about his story on tape and a chastity card students could sign if they wanted to. 


“I thought his talk was very influential and so much better than last years talk,” said senior Olivia Blackwell. 


“After his talk, I ran to the table to fill out the chastity card and I want to eventually give it to my spouse,” senior Alexis Biggs added. Students are excited about this year’s guest speaker and hopefully, they reach out to students as effectively as Jason Everet.

As for the reason behind the guest speakers, Haning quipped, “Who doesn’t like time out of class the week before Christmas break.”