New School Uniforms Policy

Pallotti has introduced new uniforms for the 2018-19 school year. This year’s uniforms consist of Pallotti polos with a quarter zip on top to add more comfort when its cold.

Pallotti has dispatched the old winter uniform because of all of the complications of everyone losing pieces to the uniforms (such as ties, sweaters, vest, etc).

This rule was originally designed by the previous Dean of Students, Benjamin Lorenz. Catherine Edwards, the current Dean said that she “really likes the uniform and loves how basic it is.”

Also, Edwards is enforcing another rule when it comes to socks. She prefers that none of the students should wear socks that consist of all bright colors. She wants the students of Pallotti to keep the basic look and only wear mutual color socks. Mrs. Edwards also thought that our new uniforms looked “very simple and nice”. She really likes the senior uniforms as well especially the senior polos, she claims it’s her favorite one of her favorite colors.

This year, seniors have a unique uniform of their own, consisting of a Base Grey Pull-up Quater Zip with “Class of 2019” stitched on them. They also have a Carolina Blue polo that also has “Class of 2019” stitched on them as well.