Panthers Pounce on Riverdale 65-59

The Pallotti Panthers gained a good victory against Riverdale Baptist on December 8. This rivalry was a close one throughout the whole game with Pallotti finally grabbing the lead in the fourth quarter with the final score being 65-59. Senior Isaiah Oshinnaiye dropped a critical 11 points in the second half, which helped propel the Panthers to gain the lead in the fourth.

The senior varsity panther Gibert Otoo wasn’t happy with his performance but was pleased with his team’s ability to come out with a win. “I think this game could have gone better for me, but I’m not usually worried about the past and what I could’ve done. I’m always stuck on the next game and trying to do my best then.” 

 At the end of the Gonzaga Tournament, senior Isaiah Oshinnayie earned the “All Teams Award”, given to the player that all the coaches in the conference think played the best throughout the tournament. Oshinnayie said, “Next is the MVP award.”