Dominic Gambogi named Dec. Student of the Month

Dominic Gambogi receives his student of the month award from AP David Tenney.

Dominic Gambogi ’20 was named the December student of the month. The virtue for the month was being gracious.

In his introductory remarks, Assistant Principal David Tenney said, “The student who received the most votes is known for being very hard working, mature, and kind to others. This student volunteers at our school in a variety of ways. As a member of the soccer team, his coaches have remarked that he consistently asks if he can be helpful. He is also giving of his time by being the leader of the gaming club and is on the robotics team. In addition to his involvement in sports and clubs, he is generous with his time by helping in summer camps, doing service, and serving at Mass.”

When asked about his feelings on winning student of the month Gambogi said, “I am very gracious for winning this award.”

When asked about what made Dominic stand out, Lauren Douville, who coordinates the monthly recognition, said. “Not only were we being told he is gracious in school, but we were being told he was being gracious in after-school activities like soccer and games club.”

The January award for humility will be given out during the January 22 mass.