Douville, Johnson Departing Pallotti

Lauren Douville ’06, who teaches religion and AP Psychology, and science teacher Kara Johnson are departing Pallotti at the end of the academic year. Douville, who attended school before teaching here for four years, is leaving for an internship, required to finish her masters in counseling. Mrs. Douville says, “it is possible for me to return when I get my license in counseling. I will miss my colleagues and working with them”. She liked teaching about what she’s passionate about, which are the Bible and psychology. Douville said, she “will miss her students and some things of teaching”. she cites … Continue reading Douville, Johnson Departing Pallotti

Hurst Named March Student of the Month

Junior Kaylen Hurst was named the March student of the month. The virtue was courage, the ability to do something that frightens one. At the Ash Wednesday service, Assistant Principal David Tenney introduced her, mentioning how one of those nominating her described Hurst as “the strongest person I know”. When asked, Hurst said she was not expecting to win. The multi-faceted student was rewarded with a certificate, a card, and a gift certificate to Chick-fil-la. Hurst also mentioned how it felt good to win and she appreciated that other people can see her strength, especially when she is going through … Continue reading Hurst Named March Student of the Month

Michael Nolan, a Triple Threat Teacher

Michael Nolan joined the Pallotti faculty for the second semester, coming from teaching in the military. Recently, he was subbing in Loudoun County, but so far he’s settling in well here in PG County. He said, “Everything’s going great.” Mr. Nolan describes the staff as very welcoming and helpful, and he finds the students very interesting due to the broad spectrum of them. Unlike most single discipline members of the faculty, he teaches Algebra 2, American Government, and Personal Finance. Although he teaches many subjects he’s more comfortable with American Government because he used to work for the federal government. … Continue reading Michael Nolan, a Triple Threat Teacher