SVPHS’ First Student of the Month !

Freshman Mia Gonzales Jackson’s integrity earned her the first Student of the Month Award for the 2018-19 school year.

Freshman Mia Gonzalez-Jackson was named SVPHS’  first student of the month for the 2018-19 school year. Gonzalez-Jackson was nominated for her integrity, displaying random acts of kindness, and staying true to herself. The ovation that greeted her announcement showed near universal approval of the choice despite a crowded field.

In his remarks after the October mass, David Tenney, Assistant Principal, noted that even though she was new to the school, Gonzalez-Jackson was lending a helping hand almost immediately.

“I try to do what I can,” Gonzalez-Jackson said the following day. “I can’t always do physical things, but if people feel down I try to pick them up and be someone to help people smile.”

She didn’t seek the nomination which set her apart from some others who were aiming for the accolade. “I was excited and proud to receive this title,” Gonzalez-Jackson said. Some advice she would like to give to others to fulfill this title is to be yourself, don’t put others down, and do what you have to do to get things done.