Sophs Win Class Hallway Competition

The second floor hall was in subded light, a fitting memorial for the passing of Cruella DeVi.

On October 8, many students from all four classes stayed after school for five hours to decorate their class hallway in the annual decorating competition. The theme selected by the SGA was Disney movies with the Freshman class assigned The Lion King, the Sophomore class had Moana, the Junior class executing 101 Dalmatians, and the Senior class recreating Coco. Each class had a $300 budget to buy supplies to decorate their hallways.

When asked about how they would carry out their hallway, Ms. Clair Gilbert, Freshmen moderator, said, “We’re trying to add as much color and make it as green as possible.”

When asked about their strategy and how they would counteract the colorful and black and white themes of other classes Sophomore moderator Mike Cotter said, “We’ve got a lot of pastels for the beach and ocean areas, and we’re doing some very interesting things with blacklights and paints.”

Robert Greenberger, newly anointed Junior class moderator, said, ” It’s dogs, so we’re doing pawprints and Cruella de Vil is this iconic Disney character who’s been around for generations so we have a shrine for her.”

Jada Okundaye ’19 said, “We’re doing a lot of colors.”

All of the classes seemed happy with the turnout and work of the students who showed up. After five hours of work, the students were kicked out of the hallways and the judging began.

The judges were Mr. Alan Ernstein, Mrs. Diane Kime, Mrs. Sheila Mudd, and Mrs. Patricia Douville. The final verdict of the judges was announced the following morning: Juniors took third place, the Freshman and Seniors tied for second, and the Sophomores coming in first.

The class competition continues Friday during the Powder Puff football game.