Panthers scratch thier way to a home playoff game

Coach Joe Mathews and Character Coin recipient

After a nailbiting game, the Panthers clawed their way to a 55-53 victory over Saint Johns Catholic Prep High School. Winning this game allowed for the Panthers to stay in their fourth place ranking, which secures them a home game for their first playoff game.

Junior Jania Hall led the team in points with 19 followed by Makyla Waleed, 21 with 15. It was a close game till the end but Hall secured a lead with seconds left in the fourth quarter.

After the game first-year coach, Joe Mathews gifted a character coin to #10 Master of the Vikings. This award is given to a player who demonstrates exceptional sportmanship throughout the game win or lose. She is the only player to receive this award from Pallotti this season. #10 had led her team with 14 points.

Pallotti’s next game is Wednesday, February 6th at McDonogh high school at 6:00 pm.