The In House B-ball Program Returns

Incoming physical education teacher Ryan Basile recently revised the school’s In House Basketball program.

In House is a program where student athletes can play against each other as if they were playing in a real game. It provides people, who either didn’t make a Panther team or is dedicated to another sport, a chance to play and to have fun with the sport they normally wouldn’t play.

Currently, only basketball and soccer are played in the In House Program. Volleyball and dodgeball will soon be included in the program.

Most of the students at Pallotti thought the In House Program was permanently discontinued after the previous director, Sean Van Gieson, left for a new job before the current school year began. Basile, who joined the faculty as the second semester began, decided to take over the program. He decided to restart In House Basketball during the fourth quarter given that the main gym would be available solely for In House Sports.

In the event of bad weather, the In House Sports games can be rescheduled because regular spring sports such as Track, Softball, Baseball, and Golf would then have first priority.

In House Activities cost $20 per student to participate and registration was done by email. All students are eligible to participate in the program with the exception of players that are on the corresponding sports teams including Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity.

“In House always ends up being fun, especially when almost the entire school shows out!” Joshua Thezard, ’19 said.

Basile said, “I’m looking forward to taking over the program to help out the students of Pallotti have fun activities. In House was very fun and I plan on making it ten times better than what it was before.” There are currently 42 students playing In House Basketball and many more spots remain available3. Official Schedules will be posted on the Media Center windows.