100 goals and a Character Coin

The Lady Panthers won their quarterfinals match against Oldfields School 17-7 to advance to the semifinals on Wednesday, where they won 12-11, advancing to the finals. They will play Beth T’Filoh at 4:30 at Blandair Park.

Senior Quai Skeete-Ridley had been looking forward to this game since the previous one since she was at 97 goals for the season. Scoring 100 goals was the accomplishment she most longed for. Skeete-Ridley had been working hard and looking forward to this since her freshman year. She said, “It came quicker than I thought; but, I’m glad it did. It feels good to make a name for myself on this team and score 100 goals while doing it.” The last person to score 100 goals on a season was Jordan Shugrue ’17. Skeete-Ridley had her eyes on this achievement ever since her teammate did it. It was the current senior time to shine.

Skeete-Ridley was fleet and easily notched goal 100 but almost as quickly, scored 101.

What’s also significant about Monday’s win included the Lady Panthers receiving their first-ever Character Coin. The Character Coin is awarded to a player or the whole team after a well-fought game where they showed character and were respectful. It is usually presented to a specific player but in this case, it was given to the whole Panther team. Pallotti rarely ever receives the character coin in our sports and it is a huge recognition that the Lady Panthers received it after their first playoff game.

The Lady Panthers will play their first championship final in 11 years on Saturday at 11 a.m. at Gerstell.