The New and Improved Quai

Mike Tenney not only teaches religion but puts it to music, making us see God in new ways.

Choosing to attend St. Vincent Pallotti High School was personally the best decision I have made in regards to my future.

Being that I have never attended a religious school before, I was skeptical at first. I had been going to public school my whole life and just thinking about how different Catholic school would be worried me. All I had as a resource, are the movies I would watch on Netflix, where there would be those nuns and priests who were very strict.

I thought the transition would be hard but when I finally arrived at Pallotti, it was an easy journey. It was my first time having to learn about God and being tested about it, which was weird to me; because, in Sunday school, we would learn about all these stories and gospels and I would never remember what happened the next day.

It was very helpful that Pallotti’s curriculum doesn’t require you to know a lot about the Lord in order to do well in a religion class because they start from the beginning. I bought my very own first Bible for my Foundations of Faith class and could tell this would be the beginning of a meaningful journey. Freshman year I learned about things like spirituality (but not in depth), the Shroud of Turin, and basic things like finding my way to different chapters in the Bible.

At first, I thought it was a little strange that someone else who is supposedly the same religion as I am, practices in a way totally different than what I learned. I noticed there were aspects of other religions that are similar to what I believe. I think Kairos was a big turnaround for me as a person. I didn’t realize that I had been changing as a person since freshman year even though I didn’t notice it at first.

Experiencing Kairos made me want to have a better relationship with God and even myself. That summer of my junior year, I reflected on my time in Belize and how similar I am to others around the world and I had the chance to truly see God in many things. I made a vow to myself that I would start treating others with love and to pray more.

By my senior year, it is easier for me to pray and it has become a part of my everyday routine, that at first was difficult for me to do when I was younger. I know if I had chosen to go to a public school instead of Pallotti I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities.