Sophomores win Class Competition

The Senior Sendoff was marred by the Sophomore class wining the 2018-19 Class Competition.

A shortened competition saw the four classes field six-man handball teams with the Juniors beating the Freshmen 5-2. The surging Sophomores lost to the Seniors 3-2 in the first round.

In the battle for third place, the sophomores triumphed over the freshmen 1-0. For bragging rights, the juniors and seniors had such a spirited competition that it went into several overtimes, resulting in a final shootout. Here, the seniors outscored the juniors 2-1.

When the points were tallied, emcee Isaiah Lattimore ’19 announced that the sophomores took the year’s prize. One of their moderators, Tim Martin said, “I knew we were going to win because of the margins in point margin, but it has been great being the class moderator of this class and I can’t wait to move up with them.”

The sendoff portion began with the Seniors vs. Faculty volleyball game. Despite fielding a team with all-star players, the Faculty won 12-11.