Tips to Survive Finals

Final exams begin next Thursday and already people are beginning to panic. Seven exams, four days, even with a weekend, appears to be stressing out the students. Fortunately, finals are nothing new and over the years, time-proven strategies have emerged.

The key to passing finals and getting good grades at finals is studying. If you want to get amazing grades at finals follow these simple steps, culled from and

  1. Try to study as much as you can. Most finals are just knowing the information and remembering it. The best way to remember information study. The study guides are online, Finals Frenzy will be after school on Tuesday and Wednesday until 4 p.m. There’s a three day weekend now and a weekend halfway through the finals which are an unusual benefit.

  2. Try to maximize studying by studying for two exams each night for half an hour to an hour. Focus on the exams in chronological order so you are fresh and ready for each pair of finals. Don’t worry about the Monday finals until the weekend before.

  3. One of the last things you should do before the exam is to sleep and eat well the night before. Your brain remembers information better if you fall asleep thinking about the information so study before you fall asleep. When you wake up, eat something with protein and something that fills you up. A good combination is a protein bar and cereal. The school will be offering breakfasts for sale each morning of the exams, which helps those with time constraints.

  4. Once you actually get into the exam itself keep calm. If you keep calm, your brain will remember what you studied better. Remember, it’s only a test, one of several grades you receive in each course throughout the year. Psych yourself up that you’ve got this. Science shows that if you stand, fists on hips like a superhero, it demonstrably improves your confidence in the task ahead.

If you follow these steps exams will become easier.