Hurst Named March Student of the Month

Junior Kaylen Hurst was named the March student of the month. The virtue was courage, the ability to do something that frightens one. At the Ash Wednesday service, Assistant Principal David Tenney introduced her, mentioning how one of those nominating her described Hurst as “the strongest person I know”. When asked, Hurst said she was not expecting to win. The multi-faceted student was rewarded with a certificate, a card, and a gift certificate to Chick-fil-la. Hurst also mentioned how it felt good to win and she appreciated that other people can see her strength, especially when she is going through … Continue reading Hurst Named March Student of the Month

Stewart uses Logic, Emotion, Religion in Support of Life

Jannique Stewart returned last Thursday to address the Pallotti community on the Right to Life. Stewart, in town to participate in the annual March For Life, spent over an hour walking students through when life began and why abortion was wrong. Stewart, working for the Life Training Institute, used a multimedia presentation and emotional arguments, bolstered by statistics and logical reasoning to make her case that pregnancies should not be terminated. Senior Alexis Biggs said, “I remember this speaker from sophomore year and I enjoyed her talk.” A sophomore who hadn’t heard her talk before claimed that Stewart made some … Continue reading Stewart uses Logic, Emotion, Religion in Support of Life

Sikh Enlightenment

Rubin Singh, a consultant for the non-profit The Sikh Coalition group spoke to Mr. Bill Bayly’s World Religion about Sikhism on Monday. Prior to the talk Social Strudies teacher Bill Bayly said, ” I am very excited for you guys to meet Rubin, he has a lot to teach you guys.” “As a Sikh, I have a uniform I wear every day. There are five things I must wear and we call them the five K’s: they are a Kirpan [a sword representing dignity], Kara [iron bracelet representing prana (life force) and Infinity], Kachera [cotton undershorts, a symbol of chastity … Continue reading Sikh Enlightenment

PAWS Bucks off to a Solid Start

It has been four weeks since the announcement of the PAWS bucks program. Initiated by Dean of Students Catherine Edwards, it is designed to reward positive behavior at SVPHS. Since the announcement of the program, there have already been two drawings. Donovan Thomas ’21 won a $10 dollar gift card from Starbucks in the inaugural drawing. Other rewarded students received donuts. A Starbucks gift card was won by Sydney Stanley ’21 in the second week. No reward was given last week given the holiday and weather-related delays. Edwards feels that although the program is new, she thinks that it is … Continue reading PAWS Bucks off to a Solid Start

Pallotti’s 3rd Annual Lip Sync Battle

On Friday, February 5th, Pallotti hosted it’s third annual lip sync battle and the competition was equally fierce and hilarious. This fundraiser is to help support Pallotti’s music program. The lip sync battle is a competition between the school’s faculty, where they put on a performance lip-syncing to popular songs. The winners win bragging rights for the year and a framed certificate recognizing their win. This year the competition was hosted by seniors Kenndey Essex and Lauren McFadden, who also performed as background dancers with Guidance Counselor Rachel Pupiales to Beyonce’s “Love on Top”. The first runner up for this … Continue reading Pallotti’s 3rd Annual Lip Sync Battle

Michael Nolan, a Triple Threat Teacher

Michael Nolan joined the Pallotti faculty for the second semester, coming from teaching in the military. Recently, he was subbing in Loudoun County, but so far he’s settling in well here in PG County. He said, “Everything’s going great.” Mr. Nolan describes the staff as very welcoming and helpful, and he finds the students very interesting due to the broad spectrum of them. Unlike most single discipline members of the faculty, he teaches Algebra 2, American Government, and Personal Finance. Although he teaches many subjects he’s more comfortable with American Government because he used to work for the federal government. … Continue reading Michael Nolan, a Triple Threat Teacher

Cracking Down on the Law

Recently at Pallotti High School there have been a rise in the detention rate. A lot of students have been getting penalized for the rules that they’ve been breaking, such as uniform violations, cursing in the hallways, the use of technology, and not showing up for the dentenions that are being served to students. Mrs. Catherine Edwards, dean of students, has had enough with focusing only on the rule breakers. This week she has introduced an incentive designed to reward the positive behaviors that go unrecognized. Blue Paws are a new way to reward the students who are doing right. … Continue reading Cracking Down on the Law