Quai Skeete-Ridley sets records in Lacrosse, Track

This has been an outstanding year for Pallotti’s very own Quai Skeete-Ridley both on the lacrosse field and the track. She recently scored her 250th goal, which is a major accomplishment for any high school lacrosse player, the equivalent of a basketball player scoring their 1000th point. it was a crazy and unexpected feeling for Skeete-Ridley, who didn’t even realize that she was close to reaching that goal. This year, she became the first female lacrosse player to become the IAAM player of the week for her accomplishments on the lacrosse field. Her 17 goals and added five assists to … Continue reading Quai Skeete-Ridley sets records in Lacrosse, Track

Once Upon an Island

Encore! Encore! is what the crowd was yelling at the end of Once on this Island. The annual school musical had four performances with rotating casts the weekend of April 5-7. Many parents and family stood up giving a round of applause for “the terrific performance put on by the students of Pallotti” according to Arts Academy director Mr. Saunders Allen. “Although the parents and other members of the audience weren’t able to record and take pictures, I felt as if the audience enjoyed the play and that it ran smoothly. There is always room for improvement, but it was … Continue reading Once Upon an Island

“Stick!” : Men’s Varsity 4×800 Meter Relay Brings Home School Record

St. Vincent Pallotti’s Track and Field team traveled to Glenelg Country School on April 3 to run in the IAAM track meet against other private schools. Competition was tough but our fellow Panthers fought through bringing some great achievements back to our home. Our boys’ 4×800 relay finished a great race, breaking the school record with a time of 9:04. Senior Malik Hamilton said, “We recently have been trying to find another leg to complete our relay team and today we finally ran as a team and worked hard to get to where we are.” Recently, the boys’ distance relay … Continue reading “Stick!” : Men’s Varsity 4×800 Meter Relay Brings Home School Record

The In House B-ball Program Returns

Incoming physical education teacher Ryan Basile recently revised the school’s In House Basketball program. In House is a program where student athletes can play against each other as if they were playing in a real game. It provides people, who either didn’t make a Panther team or is dedicated to another sport, a chance to play and to have fun with the sport they normally wouldn’t play. Currently, only basketball and soccer are played in the In House Program. Volleyball and dodgeball will soon be included in the program. Most of the students at Pallotti thought the In House Program … Continue reading The In House B-ball Program Returns

Can’t Wait for Break

As the days pass on, you can only wonder what people in the school are planning for next week’s spring break. It’s all people can talk about in the hallway and cafeteria. “What’s the move for break?” is the common question you’ll hear. Many seniors are wanting to travel for break. Cynthia Roberts ’19 is trying to take a trip to New York. It seems that traveling is a common thing that people throughout the school are wanting to do. A lot of teachers had the same idea too, the ones with kids said they were going to spend time … Continue reading Can’t Wait for Break